Stand Alone

The Only Escape

Summer Reynolds is a beautiful, successful and caring woman who is working the job that she has dreamed of since she was a child. She never imaged that being a nurse would turn into a nightmare. She starts to experience things that she cannot explain and feels as though she may be on the edge of a breakdown. She no longer feels safe walking to her car by herself after her shift, staying in her house by herself, or even spending time with her friends without looking over her shoulder. One frigid November evening as she is driving home the unimaginable happened. Summer now must figure out a way to get herself out the scary situation she has been put in.

Shattered Innocence​

Up until now Chloe Logan has always been a sweet and loving girl that is close with her family and friends. With her behavior and attitude rapidly changing her parents Sarah and David are beside themselves looking for answers. After some shocking revelations they discover that Chloe may not just be a rebellious teen but caught up in a dangerous world that no one saw coming. It is now a race against the clock to save their daughter before it is too late.

Kimberly Ball Series

Lake Side​


Moving to a new town has been something that Kimberly Ball has done several time throughout her five-year career as an FBI agent. What she didn't expect moving to a new small Wyoming town was to hit the ground running. Instantly she is thrown into an investigation that will turn into a race again the clock to find the killer before he finds other victims.

Road Side


Detective Kimberly Ball has been moved from city to city during her FBI career and has investigated a lot of horrific crimes. As she has settled into her new life in Wyoming, never did she think that she would receive a call that would turn her world upside down. She now finds herself involved in the investigation of her sisters murder.

Upcoming Books

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Coming in 2020

Stalked in Paradise

Coming in 2021

Graveside - The Kimberly Ball Series Book 3

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