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Provided are a list of upcoming books that I will be releasing and the dates they will be released.  If you want to get the latest updates on my releases please join the mailing list.


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After being stuck in an abusive relationship for more than eight years, Liberty decides to take a stand and leave her abuser behind, but one horrifying night her ex-boyfriend attempts to kill her in the most horrific way. She builds a friendship with a newly widowed nurse who sits by her side while recovering. He offers her a place to start over, but little does she know she finds herself in the middle of another nightmare.

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Autumn Rose grew up in Mt. Cleary, Missouri, watching both her parents serve on the local police force, so there was nothing short of her wanting to follow in their footsteps. Right after high school graduation, she headed to the police academy, the exact thing her parents never took her seriously and thought she would do. Autumn put everything into the academy and knew that she wanted to be a detective when she graduated. Little did Autumn know that dream wouldn’t come until thirteen years after becoming a part of the police force. She was thrilled to move on to the next adventure of her career but never did she think that she would be a part of the first double homicide in Mt. Cleary, and she would be the lead investigator.

Nerves were boiling over when she arrived at the scene that frigid cold day. Upon arrival at the scene, she encountered the homeowner, who was hysterical after just finding a dead body inside a home that she owns but is vacant. But one body was not all that was hidden inside the house; there was a second, perfectly poised in the corner of a bedroom like they were telling a story. Autumn knew that this investigation would be challenging, but she was determined to find the monster or monsters responsible for taking the lives of these individuals. She followed all leads that came in, but she never imagined that the monster responsible was not whom she thought it would be.

Summer Reynolds is a beautiful, successfuli, caring young woman wiho is working the job that she has dreamed of since she was a child. She never imagined that being a nurse would turn into a nightmare. She starts to experience things that she cannot explain and feels as though she may be on the edge of a breakdown. She no longer feels safe walking to her car by herself after her shift has ended, staying in her house by herself, or even spending time with her friends without looking over her shoulder. One frigid November evening as she is driving home the unimaginable happened. Summer now must figure out a way to get herself out of a scary situation she has been put in.

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